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New programmer

This code doesn't work. Hmm, strange...

Old programmer

This code works. Hmm, strange...

Solution: The testing framework could not be installed because the PHP cURL library is not available (Drupal 7 on WAMP-server, Windows 7)

On Windows 7, Drupal 7, WAMP server running PHP 5.4.3 apache 2.4.2: If you get the message


Problem In a TeamCity CI setup using MSDeploy for packaging and deployment, I started getting the following error:

Google Chrome address-bar search not working

Problem Today, when googeling through Chrome’s address bar, Chrome suddenly started just redirecting me to Google instead w/o the search terms, just a blank

How to export/import vssettings (Visual Studio settings) into an older version (2005/2008/2010)

Problem If you export your Visual Studio settings to yourFile.vssettings and try to import this file into an older version of Visual Studio, you will…

Free profiler for MS SQL Server Express

I use the free MS SQL Server Express a lot for smaller projects and development, since it’s free and fully featured. One thing, though, I…

FIX: Internet Explorer Cannot Open the Internet Site- Operation Aborted This program cannot display the webpage in IE7

As described here, this error most probably arises, when a script on your pages attempts to modify an element, that is not (yet) in the…