Free profiler for MS SQL Server Express

I use the free MS SQL Server Express a lot for smaller projects and development, since it’s free and fully featured. One thing, though, I always find myself missing from the free version is the SQL Server Profiler, which is only included in the paid version of MS SQL Server.

Today I stumbled upon the AnjLab Sql Profiler – a lightweight (4.1MB, quick install) profiler, that does exactly what I need, i.e. spoof the SQL, that is actually executed on the server; useful e.g. when using NHibernate or another Sql abstraction layer, where I find myself not always knowing what’s going on underneath the hood.


And: you can actually sort your results by clicking on the columns for duration, reads, and so on – a thing I really never understood why you can’t do with Microsoft’s profiler.


It works with SQL Server Express v.9 (2005) and up.


Screenshots (stolen from

2011_8_anjlab01 2011_8_anjlab02 2011_8_anjlab03

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