How to install ASPSmartUpload on Windows 7 / Vista / Server 2008

This component seems to be outdated/legacy, but for a customer, I needed to port some code, that used the component.

Which is – in fact – possible. Only a bit undocumented, so here goes:
  • Get the component (google it or try here:
    • it has 2 files:
      • aspSmartUpload.dll
      • aspSmartUploadUtil.dll
    • put the files in a folder outside the c:\windows\ folder or subfolders.
    • Reportedly, if you don’t do so, you will get the error “module cannot be loaded” or “specific module could not be found”.
  • Move aspSmartUploadUtil.dll to C:\Windows\SysWOW64 (depending on your Windows folder name)
  • Open a command prompt as administrator
    • if your command prompt is not opened as administrator, you will get the following error:
      • “The Call to DllRegisterServer Failed with Error Code 0×80004005”
  • Go to the folder with aspSmartUpload.dll
  • Type ‘regsvr32 aspSmartUpload.dll’
  • Hit Enter
  • You should be ready to go!

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  • None - 8 years ago

    Thanks for your info. Same issue here, classic asp code needs to be migrated to win2008.
    Only thing you forgot to mention is to put the aspSmartUpload.dll outside c:/windows folder or subfolder. Otherwise, error “module cannot be loaded” is thrown.

  • Frederik Struck-Schøning - 8 years ago

    Thanks, anonymous guy. I’ve updated the post.

  • SofTools - 8 years ago

    One other thing to note – having spent a few hours on this I thought I would share my fix.

    In order to register the dll (depending on the version), you need the vb5 run time files installed (msvbvm50.dll) these can be found on the microsoft site

  • Oz - 8 years ago

    Worked a treat for me. Thanks

    To get this working fully on Win7 x64 I had to perform the following additional steps:

    In Internet Information Services for my application, advanced settings, I had to set the application pool to one that allowed running of 32 bit applications. The DefaultAppPool does not by default. Go to Application Pools and either select an existing one or create a new one (I created one called Classic .NET AppPool 32bit), then go to Advanced Settings and set Enable 32-Bit Applications option to True, then set the application (advanced settings) to use this application pool.

  • Guest - 7 years ago

    Installing the VB runtime helped me. Thanks. 😀

  • Harinath Pinna - 6 years ago

    we are facing issue with this in win 2008. Any code change required to move from win 2003 to win 2008 after above steps? Thanks

  • con - 5 years ago

    not worked for me. I have registered the aspSmartUpload.dll, also installed the VB runtime. Anyone has idea? I Still get the HTTP 500 error